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2016-2017 Hockey Season

Hockey registration for both SGMHA 2016-2017 season, PAC fall camps & tryouts will commence as of June 1.

Please read the Registration - Returning Registrant tab on SGMHA website for updated information on fees, late charges, PAC camps, PAA Camp/Tryouts and any forms required during the registration process for the upcoming season.

  If you cannot remember your email login, please email the office and it will be forwarded to you.  If you have any issues with the registration system, please contact the office for assistance (do not contact RAMP).

  As the association grows in registrations, some divisions may be limited in the amount of players/goalies we can register, therefore registrations are accepted on a first come basis, once the limit has been reached a waiting list package will be opened up.  If spots open up, players will be moved from the waiting list to a confirmed registration (also on a first come basis).  Please do not register for another package if you do not see your package listed - contact the office instead (ie do not register a goalie in a player package for the atom and up division).

As of June 1 the new season will be activated, so all emails from 2015 -2016 should be removed from the system.  After June 1 if you receive an email from SGMHA and ARE NOT registered with our association for the upcoming 2016-2017 season, please contact the office by email so we can have your information removed from the back end of the server.

Mandatory Shift sign up (this replaces the volunteer shift requirement) will also open as of June 1  (this has replaced the volunteer shift requirement for registrations). As dates are confirmed for Saints/Regal/PAC Games and evaluations, more spots will open up.  This year bingo's will be opened up as a Mandatory Shift option only.  Please refer to the new Mandatory Shift tab for information regarding this change.

If you are putting your name forth for a head coach or manager's position, please do not sign up for a mandatory shift prior to Nov 1. Shifts booked and worked prior to Nov 1 for head coaches or managers will not be credited to their players account.  Also please note; for manager's that are in a co-manager position on the team, only 1 shift will be credited towards your Mandatory Shift requirement for your position on the team for the season.

Posted on Thu, May 26, 2016

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