Registration Check List


Please note: Registration may not be possible through your cell phone depending on the age & style of the cell phone.

Below is a checklist to ensure you have all the required paperwork, and information to complete your child’s registration for the season.  Player registration will not be considered completed until all items below have been verified as completed by the office. Failure to complete the registration requirements in a timely manner may void the player’s registration if the division limits have been reached and there is a waiting list.

  1. Required forms - Below are the various froms required depending on the package(s) you are registering your child in or if you are new to the association or a returning player who has moved during the prior 12 month perior.  Please review the forms below and if they apply to you, complete and saved each applicable form as separate PDF files prior to logging into the online system. You will be required to upload these during the online process.
  • Parent/Guardian Declaration Form - required for all  NEW player registrations or for returning player registration if you moved in the last year
  • Copy of Utility Bill or Driver’s License - required for all NEW player registrations or for returning player registration if you moved int he last year (must have the full address with the first and last name of one of the guardians).
  • Copy of Player’s Birth Certificate - required for all NEW player registrations
  • FOIP Form - required for all NEW player registrations
  • Mandatory Shift Deposit - cc authorization form - new deposits are required by all families each year, and needs to be included with the registration. Two non dated cheques of $200 each can be dropped off at the office within 10 business days of the player registration in lieu of the cc authorization form.  One or the other is required regardless if you are submitting your name to be a Manager or Head Coach for your child’s team.  If once the teams are formed and you are named as a Manager or Head Coach your deposit will be shredded at that time.
  • PAC Conditioning Camp  and Tryout Registration Forms - required if you are registering for a PAC Conditioning Camp and/or a PAC Tryout at the time of registration
  • PAA ID Camp & Tryout Registration Forms - required if you are registering for the Pee Wee ID Camp and/or Pee Wee AA tryouts at the time of Registration
  • SGMHA Player Development Camps - SGMHA will be running a couple of Development Camps in August, please click on the link for further information, if you are interested in any of these camps, please have the required form completed and saved your your computer to upload during the registration process.  The Registration package for these camp be found by clicking the Conditioning Camp Division option on the Registration - Division page of the online system. 


  1. Respect in Sports - Parents Program - This is an online program that Hockey Alberta has mandated one parent from every family must complete.  There is a cost to the member for this course, it takes approximately 45 min - 1.5 hours to complete.  It needs to be completed before your child will be allowed on SGMHA ice.  For information and a link to take the program please click here.


  1. Please review SGMHA’s website during the summer so that you are aware of any changes or any information for the upcoming season. Please note the following:
  • Mandatory Shift Requirement - please review so that you are aware of the new requirements that will take place for the 2017 - 2018 season.
  • Bingo Credit Shifts - Bingo Shifts are open as credit shifts for the 2017-2018 season,  please review the bingo page for information regarding sign up as there is maximun amount and specific position's only that a member can sign up for.
  • Division Home Pages - all evaluation/tryout information will be posted here, emails will be sent out through the RAMP online system, however it is the member’s responsibility to ensure they have checked the website to ensure they have the most up to date information listed.
  • The following fees have been changed to as follows:  $75 - Admin Fee, $35 - all NSF/Insufficient Items $125 - Late Fee
  • SGMHA Refund Policy - Prior to registration, please review the updated refund policy for the 2017-2018 season, if you have any questions regarding it please contact the office.



Please note the guardian information is the information that will be used for contact information for the Association, directors and team bench stafff. Please do not list emergency contact information in this area (the guardian’s information listed on the current player’s registration is what is transferred to the website for all communications with the Association/team for a player).  If you have any questions regarding the information above please contact the office at or 780-962-4655.

If you are registering for the season and also want to register for a camp or tryout at the same time, you will need to click all applicable options under the "Register - Division Selection" page for all the packages to open during the registration process (see below for which option you will need to select for specific camp packages).  Registration for a camp or tryout can be done at a later date, however for the conditioning camps there are limits to the number of players/goalies accepted.

PAA ID Camp & Tryouts - The packages for these will be under Pee Wee Division tab along with the regular registration packages for this division

Conditioning Camps  - All the conditioning camp packages that PAC & SGMHA will be running during the summer can be found under the Conditioning Camp Division tab

PAC Tryouts - All the tryout packages for PAC teams will be found under the PAC Tryout Camp Division tab

If you have read the above information, completed and scanned the required registration paperwork to a PDF file, please click here to start the registration process. 

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