Mandatory Shift Sign Up

Concession Location: Grant Fuhr Arena on King Street
EMHW Location: Terwillegar Community Rec Center in Edmonton

Each Member is required to work 2 shifts per family per season (they can be a combination of any of the following three options: Concession Shift, or, EMHW Shift). If you are putting your name forward as a head coach position, team manager, or your child will be trying out for a AAA team, please make sure you do not sign up for any slots that need to be worked prior to Nov 1. If you are named as head coach, team manager, or your child is registered to another team with another association any shift you signed up for will be removed (for co managers only 1 shift each will be exempt). If you sign up for a shift to work before Nov 1, work it and then are named head coach, team manager, or your child makes a team in another assciation as a result of the tryout process you will not be issued a credit for the shift(s) worked.

Please note if you sign up for more than two shifts, only two shifts will be applied towards your requirement (no credits will be given for extra shifts worked without written approval from the Secretary or that was offered as a credit shift to the membership through an RAMP mailout). You are still responsible for any shifts you sign up for, therefore, if you signed up for more than two you must find someone to take the extra shift(s) from you. Cheques/credit card deposits will be cashed for extra shifts signed up for that you do not show up for and are not caught by the office as extra shifts. If extra shifts open up for credit, an email will be sent through the RAMP email system and the specific shifts that are available for credit, do not sign up for any other open shift to work for a credit shift except for the dates listed as a credit shifts will not be issued for it..

Age Requirement for mandatory shifts & duties
No one under the age of 18 is allowed to work in the concession (please be prepared to show ID if asked). The Concession Manager will assign your job duties when you arrive.
EMHW workers can be 16 yrs or older.

You are required to initial the sign in page when you show up for your shift, please ensure that the name of the player(s) you are working for is correct, as this is what is used as confirmation of the member's mandatory shift requirement being fulfilled.

Please also check the mandatory shifts to trade or give away page for options for your shifts

i-Volunteer Online is a service that offers the ability to our members to sign up for SGMHA mandatory shifts: (Please makes sure the person working the shift is the information entered, if you sign up and then arrange for someone to work, please contact the office with the date, person's name, phone no and email address so that it can be updated, the player's name is who SGMHA will go by as to who is credited for the shift)

Members will automatically be emailed reminder notices 7 days AND 2 days prior to their shifts from as per the program set up. Please note however if a reminder is not received it is still the members responsibility to ensure they show up for shifts that they have signed up for.

To view the schedule or sign up: (schedules for the 2017-2018 season will be opened up on Jun 1)

- Launch the SGMHA concession sign up site click here
- Launch the Alberta Cup concession sign up site click here
- Launch the EMHW sign up site  - closed
- Navigate the Tabs (Weeks) and Rows (Days) to view the scheduled shifts

Once you are confirmed for a shift you are not allowed to cancel, you are to find someone to work your shift if you are unable at that point. If you sign up for a shift and do not confirm the shift, you will be notified twice to go in to confirm the shift, after that your name will be removed, PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU COMPLETE THE FINAL STEP TO CONFIRM THE SHIFT.

It is the worker's responsibility to check the schedule and arrive for their shift on time. Lack of notification failure (reminder notice) will not be accepted as an excuse.

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