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13AA Rep Fee Information

U13AA Rep Fee Information

Should your child make the U13AA Regional Team, please note the following:
Commitment to a Rep team requires extra time and financial commitments.  Please ensure that you understand what is required prior to final team selection, and that the family/player is prepared to meet all expectations.
For Players/Goalies making the U13AA Regional Team, the rep fee is payable, in addition to the base fee.
Rep Fees are allocated to Elite teams due to the additional team costs not covered in the SGMHA Divisional Base Fees. The Rep Fee is an estimate of what the anticipated costs will be for the current season that is not  covered in the Divisional Base Fee.   
During the season further funds may be requested if it is determined that the anticipated costs will not cover the actual costs already incurred, plus and further anticipated costs.  If the anticipated costs are more than what the actual costs incurred are, then a refund will be issued at the end of the season to the families once the team's financials are finalized and approved by the families.   
Players will be suspended from play if their player account with the team is in arrears and request for payment is not made within 7 days of the request.
Once a player is confirmed to the U13AA Regional Team, an email will be sent from the office with information regarding fee payment and forms required for finalizing the registration process to the HCR. 
All forms, SGMHA base registration fee, and a minimum of 1/3 of the Rep Fee will be required by a set date for the player/goalie to be registered to the team HCR Roster and to continue to be allowed on the ice with the team.


SGMHA FOIP Form – only required from non-resident players 


U13 Divisional Base Fee $905 – required by all non-resident players in full at time of registration to the team.  (SGMHA players have already paid this during their initial registration for the season).
Rep Fee $1,600.00 – this fee is in additional to the Divisional Base Fee and can be paid in full or in three installments as per the below (please CLICK HERE to review a detail of the proposed U13AA Team Budget):
Payment Option:
At time of registration to the team for SGMHA residents
  • $1,600.00 in full;  or
  • Three installment payments of $533.34 at time of registration to the team, and $533.33 each by Oct 15, 2021, and by Nov 15, 2021

At time of registration to the team for non SGMHA residents

  • $2,705.00 ($905.00 + $1,600.00) in full;  or
  • $1,438.34 ($905.00 + $533.34) at time of registration to the team , plus two further installment payments of  $533.33 by Oct 15, 2021, and by Nov 15, 2021