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2018-2019 Volunteer Board Positions

By SGMHA Administrator, 10/16/18, 7:30AM MDT


SGMHA is currently accepting application for an Elite Director

The SGMHA board and the PAC Committee both meet once a month during the season.

The Elite Director needs to have had experience in elite hockey and must have a working knowledge of the various Elite Clubs, the leagues our teams play in and the Hockey Alberta guidelines and Development Models for Elite Hockey (ADM Model, AA Model).
Duties for this position would include, but would not be limited to, the following:

- The Elite Director would be the Chair of the PAC Committee
-  Attend SGMHA Monthly Meeting - The Elite Director will attend to give a short, monthly update at the beginning each meeting regarding the Parkland Athletic Club to be reflected in SGMHA minutes, to bring forward any items that require ratification by the SGMHA Executive, and to forward back any information from the SGMHA Executive to the PAC Committee.
-  Ensure that there is a PAC representative at any and all league meetings, monthly AA Council meetings, and Hockey Alberta Annual General Meeting.
-  Oversee the appointment of all PAC Committee Directors to assist with the teams, equipment, and operations;
-  To attend, help orchestrate and be visible at all Elite tryouts for all the PAC Teams, with assistance from the PAC Committee Directors, per SGMHA Elite Hockey Tryout Guidelines
-  Review and implementation of the PAC Committee Budget and Elite team budgets each year, for ratification by the SGMHA Executive; 
-  Spearhead and participate in the review and hiring of PAC Coaches, together with the PAC Coach mentor and SGMHA Coach Director, and PAC Committee Directors;

If you are interested in this position,  please email the secretary at, or would like some more information regarding them, please email the office at