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To Our Members

By SGMHA Board of Directors, 10/30/18, 5:45PM MDT


To the general membership of Spruce Grove Minor Hockey Association:

As you may or may or may not be aware, the Spruce Grove Minor Hockey Association (SGMHA) board of directors (BOD) received notice, on Monday October 29th, 2018 that the Parkland Athletic Club (PAC) standing committee has resigned of their positions. Our BOD has accepted these resignations. We would like to thank the PAC committee members for their time, commitment, and passion for elite stream hockey. Some of those members have been long time members of the PAC committee and we thank them for their contributions to SGMHA.

We are certain that there are many rumors floating about what happened and why it happened. In an effort of clear transparency, we are writing this notice to inform our membership of what has taken place.

Over the last 6 months our BOD has started to look into the functionality of the standing PAC committee. Out of this, we discovered multiple things that we felt needed to be addressed. There was a lack of shared vison between the PAC committee and SGMHA BOD, among other things. As SGMHA is responsible for ensuring a positive experience in their minor hockey careers to all players in our association including PAC teams, we made a decision to create an elite director position. This director would be appointed by the BOD, would sit on our BOD, as a non voting position, to oversee the operation of PAC, and communicate directly with our BOD on elite hockey related issues. We were working together with the PAC committee on appointing that position; however that never came to be, with the resignation of the PAC committee.

The resignation, although disappointing, will not effect how we move forward. Our goal is to create a culture that makes elite hockey players succeed, and that help coaches provide them tools to be outstanding members of our community.  Our BOD is committed to ensuring that our local minor hockey program is strong, which help make strengthen and bring together our community.

The BOD is working on putting people in positions to provide support to our current PAC players, coaches, and parents. For the time being any questions or concerns can be directed to SGMHA president, Christy Rake by email at




Spruce Grove Minor Hockey Association

Board of Directors