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Ice & Gym Schedules

Ice & Gym Schedule:

Any Ice & Gym slots in red are available upon request (ice slots in red are available for teams to pick up at a cost of $156 per hour, gym slots in red are available for teams to pick up at no cost). Please email your request to the office, requests will be approved on a first come basis with an email confirmation. 

If a team cannot use their assigned ice, please trade with another team and forward an email to the office with the information, so that the schedule can be updated for the rink staff information.  Please cc all the teams involved in the change.

All issue's in regards to Ice & Gym are to be directed to the office.  Ice requests will be looked at between the hours of 8:30 - 4 pm  Mon - Fri.

Ice Complaints are to be emailed to the Chair of Operations ( and cc'd to the office

Anything in red on the ice schedule is available for pickup. Please email the office the date and time and arena if you are wanting to pick up extra ice. The ice schedule will be updated online Monday - Friday. Any slots with PRAC PD and (PD) means player development with MCN.

Please read the rules and regulations.