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Mandatory Shift


In an effort to ensure all parents are aware of the mandatory shift requirement guidelines for the coming season, please refer to the points below.
Please note: that by completing the online registration process with SGMHA, you have authorized the charge of $300 to your credit card or the cashing of your cheque deposit for any mandatory shift missed or not completed during the season.



  • Every family is required to work one mandatory shift. This is per family; NOT per child registered. Non-resident players registered to a team under the ADM or AA model, with the exception of any player registered with SGMHA under a Player Movement Form, are not exempt from working a mandatory shift. (If you are unsure if you fall under this exemption, please contact the office for clarification).
  • Workers must be a minimum of 18 yrs old, unless written approval by the SGMHA secretary has been given.
  • You must be present for the full shift for it to count towards your requirement. (You cannot show up late or leave early – except with the secretary's approval)
  • Mandatory shifts may consist of the following 
    • 2 EMHW shifts during Edmonton Minor Hockey Week - tentative upon approval of the tournament taking place
    • AA & U7 Tournament -  Chair, Secretary, Treasurer or either tournamnet  or 4 shifts for the AA tournament as a timeclock/scorekeeper  - tentative upon approval of the tournament taking place.
    • SGMHA/PAC Board Position
    • SGMHA Annual Raffle Ticket Sales (min 40 tickets) - will be available in end of Sept beginning of Oct. An email will be sent once they are ready for pick up, after Oct please contact the office to arrange to pick up tickets.
    • Head Coach/Manager/Treasurer Position on the team
    • Evaluators - must be in attendance for all sessions for the division for the shift to be counted (approx 25 hrs)
    • The SGMHA executive may offer other options throughout the year to complete mandatory shift requirements.
  • Head Coach, Manager & Treasurer for a team will be exempt from completing the mandatory shift requirement for the current season. If you are anticipating being a Head Coach or Manager, please do not sign up to work shifts before Nov 1, as credits will not be given to shifts worked before the position is confirmed. If you are appointed the Head Coach, Manager or Treasurer position and you have signed up for a shift, please contact the office to confirm that the shifts have been removed if you have not received a confirmation email.
  • For shifts that use the ivolunteer system (ie tournament shifts), when signing up for a mandatory shift,  be sure to confirm your slot by clicking "confirm" on the confirmation email you receive within 10 minutes. Failure to do this may result in the shift being booked by someone else. If you have not confirmed the shift and it opens up in the system for another member to sign up for it, your name will be removed from the slot.  



By December 31 all members must have their shift requirement completed or booked through the I- Volunteer system.

  • If you are attempting to sign up for a shift and find there are none available, please contact SGMHA Secretary to have your name placed on a wait list. As shifts open up you will be given an opportunity to work them.
    • If you decline the first date offered to you, your name will be moved to the bottom of the list and the next member in line would get the next available slot.
  • As of January 1st, all remaining shifts will be opened as credit shifts for all members (Maximum of 2 extra shifts from Jan 1- May 30 can be booked for credit)
  • In January any member that has not worked or is not signed up to work their required shift, will have their $300 shift deposits processed if there are shifts still left open as of Dec 31 or credits were paid out prior to Dec 31  to fill a shift..
    • We need commitment of workers for all positions, and thus SGMHA will process your deposit, 
  • If the deposits processed result in insufficient or invalid funds a $35 processing fee will be issued per item. The full shift deposit PLUS the processing charge will need to be paid within 10 business days.
    • If payment is not received within 10 business days, the charge will be added to your child's registration account
    • Members are considered not in good standing if they have outstanding fees to the association, at which time players will be removed from any further team activities/events until their account is brought into good standings (outstanding fees paid)
    • If a shift becomes available  to work before the end of the season, and you have contacted the secretary to work a shift a refund of the deposit (NOT including the $35 processing fee) will be issued upon completion of the shift.



Please note that if you sign up for more then your required mandatory shifts, only one shift will be applied to your requirement (no credits will be given for extra shifts worked)

  • You are still responsible for any shifts you sign up for, therefore if you have signed up for more then two you must find someone to take the shift from you.  A shift deposit will be processed for any extra shifts if you don’t show up.
    • Always be sure to check the date and time when signing up for a shift to ensure you are signing up ONLY for the one you want before clicking submit.
  • Should you wish to work more then the required shifts, please email the office to have your name added to the spare list. You will be contacted if there is an unfilled spot or a no show has happened and given the option to work the shift.

If you have any questions or concerns about any mandatory shift please feel free to contact the secretary at or the office at