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Bingo Hall Location:

160 St Matthews Ave, Spruce Grove (west of Wendy's)
The Parkland Bingo Hall  will be open Jun 10, 2021 with restrictions.
 SGMHA first bingo is on June 13, 2021. 
For the 2021-2022 Season bingo shifts will be available for members to sign up for credit shifts. 
Please review the below regarding sign up regulations , the club requirements for workers and the links to the i-volunteer bingo sign platform.

Requirement for Bingo Shift Sign Up

You must be 18 yrs of old to work a bingo shift.  Unless approved by the Bingo Manager.

SGMHA uses i-Volunteer Online  for it's members to sign up for a bingo shift. 
SGMHA members are only allowed to sign up for 4 bingo shifts for a credit of $60 per shift completed (if you would like to work more, please email the office to have your name added to the bingo spare list).  The member needs to be in attendance at the bingo hall for the full shift, for the credit to be applied (showing up 30 mins late or leaving prior to the Chair's approval, will result in no credit being issued for the shift).
 If you wish to work a bingo shift for your shift requirement, please sign up for the bingo shift and then email the SGMHA Secretary ( and cc the office ( of the date and position that you would like be recorded for your shift requirement and not for a credit shift.

Cage Positions

Cage positions are not open for sign up, sign up for cage positions is only by approval of the Bingo Manager.  If you wish to sign up for a cage position or would like to learn a cage position, please email Glenna, the Bingo Manager with the date and positions you would like to sign up for.  Cage positions are an excellent way to learn so please learn the cage positions through the Bingo Manager. Due to AGLC regulations, cage positions can only be signed up for with the Bingo Manager's approval.

Shift Cancellations & No Shows

Members will automatically be emailed reminder notices 7 days AND 2 days prior to their shifts from as per the program set up. Please note however if a reminder is not received it is still the members responsibility to ensure they show up for shifts that they have signed up for.

Once you are confirmed for a shift, if you need to cancel please email the Bingo Manager ( and cc the office (office@sgmhaca).  Until you receive a confirmation email from the Bingo Manager or office,  you are still responsible for the shift. Failure to show up for any shifts that you have signed up for will result in a $300 non show fee and any future bingo shifts that you are signed up for cancelled.  

It is the worker's responsibility to check the schedule and arrive for their shift on time. Lack of notification failure (reminder notice) will not be accepted as an excuse.

Bingo Shift Sign Up

To view the schedule or sign up: 

- Click the links below to launch the SGMHA Bingo sign up site :