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2021 - 2022 Hockey Plan/Information

Information provided on this tab is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advise, diagnosis, or treatment.  Spruce Grove Minor Hockey Association and its Members make no representation and assume no responsibility in respect of their information concerning COVID-19 as the circumstances are constantly changing, and any information on COVID-19 should be obtained from your Public Heath Authority.

Government of Alberta Announcement Sept 15, 2021

In regarding to press conference by the Government of Albert regarding new regulations, SGMHA is still waiting for further clarification on the process that will be used at the Facilities and by Hockey Alberta.
Please click on the following link 1 – 1.5 hours prior to attending any SGMHA function/facility (team meeting, ice session, tryout tournament games, etc).  Information will be posted and updated as it comes in.  Failure to review the requirements and therefore not adhering to them will be dealt with the SGMHA board if there are any issues reported to us.  Please do not email or call the office to ask what the process is, you can email if a specific process needs further clarification only regarding what is listed on the Hockey Plan/Information tab on SGMHA home page on their website (this link will also be posted to the Division home pages/PAC Team pages shortly).
For now please adhere to the following
Tiered Participants (all teams except for the PAC teams) & Spectators
• Participants/Spectators are to wear a mask when entering and leaving the rink. Masks are to be worn in the dressing until the player puts on their helmet and then again after they take off their helmet
• Water bottles are to be filled at home and labeled clearly with the participant's name.  There is to be NO Sharing of water bottles.
• If your child is not feeling well, please keep them at home until there are no symptoms.  Please ensure you email the Division director, along with the Head Coach/Manager (if applicable) if the child will not be in attendance.
• SGMHA is mandating that only one spectator per child is allowed in the facilities, at this time due to the 1/3 capacity limit.  This ensures that all players have someone in attendance while at the facility, and also takes the onus off the facility staff to have to verify that groups of spectators are from the same household.
• Any disrespect to the facility staff, or non-compliance to the above WILL NOT be tolerated, and may result in the team/division losing their privilege to have one spectator in attendance until further notice.
• Spectators are to socially distance.  Facility staff with be in informed that during SGMHA/PAC team ice slots that there should not be any spectators sitting together in the stands.
• Participants and Spectators are to not enter the facility any earlier then 30 mins prior to their allotted time slot.  And are to vacate the facilities within 20 mins after their ice session.
• Please come dress as much as possible to limit your time in the dressing rooms.
• Dryland is not allowed in the hallways or any area of the facilities, if a warm up is required, it is to be done outside prior to entering the facilities to get ready for the ice session.
• Participants and Spectators are to continue to self screen prior to arrival to the facilities          
PAC Participants & Spectators
• All of the above guidelines are to be followed with the exception of the dressing room use.  Do not show up at the facility any earlier then 30-45 mins prior to your session.
Again, please note as information is updated it will be added to the 2021-2022 Hockey Plan/Information.  The above is being put in place until we have clarification from the facilities and Hockey Alberta on what process is to be followed by participants and spectators.  The goal of the above is to ensure that Hockey practices and games continue for this season, so the SGMHA Board/PAC Committee is requesting that all its members, and draw zone members to please be courteous to everyone they encounter during this period of restrictions, and to ensure that they are always aware of and following any processes list on the 2021-2022 Hockey Plan/Information tab, or that is asked of them by a facilities staff member before each session whether they are in agreement with it or not.


As per the Government of Alberta's announcement regarding the a new masking mandate for the Province of Alberta, until further details or updates are provided pertaining to team sports, Hockey Alberta is interpreting the mandate as follows:
  • Face masks are not required by any player on the ice or on the players’ bench.
  • Face masks are not required by coaches or on-ice officials on the ice surface during sport/ physical activity.
  • Face masks are required by coaches and team staff while on the bench, and by all penalty/ timekeeping staff.
  • Face masks are required by everyone while in a dressing room

As information comes in from the Municipalities and Individual facilities we will provide an update.