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Return to Hockey Plan/Information

Return to Hockey Plan & Information

SGMHA is currently working with Hockey Canada, Hockey Alberta,  & The City of Spruce Grove in regards to a Return to Hockey Plan and what it will entail for SGMHA members for the 2020 -2021 season.

The purpose of this page is to answer as many of your questions as possible with the information that we have to date.  As information regarding the Return to Hockey Plan is available it will be posted on this page with a notice of the update sent out through SGMHA Facebook.

Please ensure you are following SGMHA on facebook for the most up to date information and/or periodically review both SGMHA News tab, Return to Play Plan tab and  your child's Divisional home page tab  for any up dated information.  Any further questions or concerns can be directed to the office at this time.

At this time SGMHA is still planning for a September start to hockey, however the format for that start is still being determined.

Information provided on this tab is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advise, diagnosis, or treatment.  Spruce Grove Minor Hockey Association and its Members make no representation and assume no responsibility in respect of their information concerning COVID-19 as the circumstances are constantly changing, and any information on COVID-19 should be obtained from your Public Heath Authority.

SGMHA 2020-2021 Season updated Information

Evaluation Process:

  • Each registered player will participate in 3-4 one-hour skill session skates
  • These results will be used for the formation of cohorts for the month of October
  • Cohorts will be created with similar skilled player based on results of the skill skate session and previous data including, but not limited to, the 2019/2020 level of play. Cohort groups will be formed by the Division Director with the assistance of the Chair of Operation Director

 Critical Dates:

  • Aug 31 – Start of U13AA Tryouts (see U13AA Regional Team Tab for schedule and rosters)
  • Sept 12 – U9 & U11 Prep skate sessions start
  • Sept 17 – U13 Evaluations start
  • Sept 20 – U9 & U11 Evaluations start
  • Sept 25 – U15 Evaluations start
  • Sept 26 – U7 Evaluations start
  • Oct 1 – U18 Evaluations start
  • Oct 3 – 4 Yr Old Program starts
  • Sept 28 - Oct 31  -  U9 - U18 cohort skill development player section into teams. (team formation can happen as early as Oct 18 - dependant on the Modified Competition Season Phase start)
  • Nov 1 – U11 – U13 Tiered anticipated Modified Competition Season Phase
  • Nov 18 – U15 & U18 Tiered anticipated Modified Competition Season Phase

 (Modified Competition Season will not commence (for any level of hockey) before November 1, 2020.  Depending on Government of Alberta guidelines and recommendations, the start of this component could be delayed until later in the 2020-2021 season.  At this phases, teams will be grouped into regional pods, by level of hockey for competition purposes.  A Pod will include 3-5 teams, depending on Government regulations and teams will only play within their POD for the duration of the Phase).

Important Points:

  • Cohort groups are not the final teams, and there can still be movement between cohort groups during the development part of the season as per Hockey Alberta’s Return to Play document (see Important Links)
  • As the process unfolds updates will be posted to your child’s division home page.  Please ensure you are regularly checking this tab for the most up to date information. 
  • Parents are to review the Daily Checklist with their children each day and are to stay home if anyone in their household is experiencing any symptoms.
  • Player equipment should be dried, cleaned and/or sanitized following each session.
  • Masks will be required for anyone entering the facility, including Participants.  Participants are required to wear a mask in the dressing room.  They are to remove their mask when putting on their helmets and store their mask with their personal items. On ice coaches are not required to wear a mask but any coach on a bench or in the timekeeper box etc. will be required to wear a mask.
  • Participants are to arrive at the facility no earlier then 15 mins prior to their ice slot. Upon arrival, participants must go directly to their designated area to put on skates; spectators must go directly to the seating area.



Alberta Heatlh Daily Checklist

All players, goalies, coaches, on-ice officials, and off-ice officials are REQUIRED to review the Alberta Daily Checklist prior to participating in any PAC activity. If they answer YES to any of the questions, they are not permitted to attend the activity. THERE ARE NO LONGER ONLINE FORMS THAT NEED TO BE COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED PRIOR TO AN ICE SESSION OR OTHER PAC ACTIVITY.