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Parent Information


Parent participation will be required for duties on the team in order to have a season. Some volunteer duties include fundraising coordinator, timekeeper, team manager, treasurer, equipment manager, tournament coordinator, jersey parent, etc. Team duties DO NOT count towards the mandatory shift requirement except for the head coach, team manager, and team treasurer positions.  (Please see the mandatory shift requirement tab for information on options available to complete the requirement).

Chain of communication

At times, parents have concerns or questions during the season that they would like addressed. It is very important to follow the chain of communication to get these queries answered. Please be sure to follow the chain of communication in this order.  Always remember the 24-hour rule.

1.  Team Manager/Coach - The team manager is where all concerns or questions should first go to.  (If you cannot approach the manager or are having issues with the manager or the head coach, then take the next step.)

2. Division Director - Each team is in a division and has a division director within SGMHA. Contact your division director if concerns cannot be resolved through the manager or head coach.

3. Commissioner - Only if all above communication has been exhausted, you may then submit an incident report to the commissioner ( and cc the office at

It is very important to note that if you do not receive an answer as quickly as you would like, most volunteer position personnel are working as well and cannot answer questions within a couple hours.

SGMHA Contact List

SGMHA Incident Report Form - this form is to be used when submitting a complaint to the SGMHA Commissioner

Code of Conduct

The following forms are the SGMHA code of Conduct & policies that all members agree to when they sign their child's registration form. It is imperative parents understand these. 


Information on equipment requirements

Sports Engine Information

Information to assist a member with their Sports Engine account/app

Respect in Sports Parent Program

Information regarding the program and a link to Hockey Alberta's website where they can access the program

Hockey Alberta Misc Information

General Information for Parents listed on Hockey Alberta's website


List of Home Arenas for SGMHA & PAC Teams