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The Parkland Athletic Club has been assigned a Casino for July 26 & 27, 2022.  If you are interested is volunteering for a position and to earn a credit towards your account, please see below regarding the positions that are available for sign up on each day.
$120 credit would be for full shift positions (General Manager, Banker, Cashier, Chip Runner)
$60 credit would be for the count room positions
Below is a brief description of the volunteers' roles.  I hope this will be helpful.  
Please note, once a volunteer works in one role they CANNOT transfer to another role.  For example, if a volunteer is a cashier on day 1 of the casino and returns the next day, they must remain as a cashier.  That individual could not become a banker on day 2.
 Cash Cage Positions
General Manager:  Ensures sufficient number of volunteers are present, witnesses start and ending of event, covers breaks for volunteers, witnesses interim and final pull of boxes, ensures signed cheques are available, and passes safe combination on to next General manager.  As well, signing paper work from the casino event on behalf of the club.
Banker:  Accepts float and chip bank from facility, controls cashiers float, and sends chip fills/credits to table games.  These transaction are performed on the computer.
Cashier:  Exchanges chips for cash.  Individuals who feel comfortable counting out cash usually enjoy this position.  It is usually the busiest position.
Chip runner:  Opens and closes table games with the assistance of a pit boss, and delivers chip fills/credits to table games with a security guard.  (chip runner will not be have to be inside the cash cage)

Count Room Positions
Count room Supervisor:  Operates on computer in count room, witnesses the count, and sends cash to safe or banker.
Sorter:  Opens boxes and sorts money.
Counter:  Runs money through the money counter and informs recorder of amounts.
Recorder:  Records totals of money counted on computer.
Amalgamator:  Runs money through counter, informs Count room Supervisor of totals and bundles the money.
It is recommended that you bring something to do during your shift, as there will be some down time between your duties.
To sign up for a position, please CLICK HERE