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Executive/Contact List
Mike Watt
James Hackett
1st VP
Andrea Rushfeldt
2nd VP
April Jasper
Christine Raw
Chair of Finance
Dan Szoo
Chair of Operations
Bev Klebanosky
Darcy Carter
Referee In Chief
Glenna Wagner
Ref Assignor
Equipment Director
Mark Bradshaw
Player Director
Tom Tremain
Coach Director
Brendon Vaillant
Female Director
Craig Dory
U18 Director
Jordan Duffy
U15 Director
Paul Limoges
U13 Director
Mike Muise
U11 Director
Chris Corbett
U9 Director
Lacy Samson
U7 Director
Glenna Wagner
Bingo Manager
Cam Desjarlais
Social Media Guru

Mailing Address:
PO Box 3666
Spruce Grove, Alberta
T7X 3A9


At times, parents have concerns or questions during the season that they would like addressed. It is very important to follow the chain of communication to get these queries answered. Please be sure to follow the chain of communication in this order. Always remember the 24-hour rule.

1.  Team Manager/Coach - The team manager is where all concerns or questions should first go to.  (If you cannot approach the manager or are having issues with the manager or the head coach, then take the next step.)

2. Division Director - Each team is in a division and has a division director within SGMHA. Contact your division director if concerns cannot be resolved through the manager or head coach.

3. Commissioner - Only if all above communication has been exhausted, you may then submit an incident report online located on our Complaints/Incidents tab. This will be forwarded to the Commissioner. 

It is very important to note that if you do not receive an answer as quickly as you would like, most volunteer position personnel are working as well and cannot answer questions within a couple hours.


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